Opening A Graphic Interface.

The graphic interface in Linux machines runs on the X Windows Protocol System. With this protocol, you can route a Windows presentation from your computer to another computer. The destination computer, where the window is displayed, must run software to serve as X server.

In Linux and macOS, the operating system has a built-in X Server. the X flag should be added to the ssh connection in order to route graphic windows. For example, if we want to connect to, we should run the command: ssh -X

the X flag should be used for each new (possibly recursive) ssh session in which we want GUI.

You can verify that the redirection to X Server was successful by running the xeyes command on the remote computer. If the routing is successful, a window will open with eyes on the screen.

On Windows Machines, a third-party software needs to be installed to serve as an X Server. We will be using Xming. Please follow the instructions to install Xming:

1. Download Xming from the following link:

2. After the installation is complete, open Xming. No window will open tough it could be identified by the X symbol at the bottom of the screen.

3. While Opening an SSH session from Putty, enable X11 forwarding:

in the left pane, click

Connection->SSH->X11->Enable X11 forwarding

5. Now you can open an ssh session with GUI.