Transferring files to and from the grid

File transfer between the grid and the PC is done using software based on the SSH session. It is assumed that the connection to Grid is currently active on your PC. If this is not the case, connect to Grid using the guides in this site.

1. First we will transfer the file from the local machine ( to the host server (

Run the following command on the host server or on the virtual machine: scp {user}@{source_ip}:{source_path} {user}@{destination_ip}:{destination_path}


{user} is your username

{source_ip} and {destination_ip} are the ip's of your machine and that of the remote server.

{source_path} and {destination_path} are the paths to the file to be copied and to where it should be copied to on its destination machine.

after executing the command you will be prompt for a password twice, one for the source machine and the other for the destination machine.

the example below copies a file called my.stdout from /home/harell on the local computer to a file called new.txt at the path /home/harell on the remote server.

scp harell@ harell@

2. We will now copy the file from the host server to the PC. The manner in which the operation is to be performed is somewhat different in the various operating systems:

2.1. On Linux and macOS machines:

use the command:

scp {user}@{path} {destination_path}

as done before

In cases where scp fails while copying large files or copying the same file multiple times, you can use rsync instead of scp (the syntax is the same). While scp reads and copies the file, rsync uses special algorithms to identify and copy only the differences between the files and it focuses on the binary information stored in the file.

2.2. On Windoews machines:

use WINSCP will automatically use the users defines in Putty.


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