Connecting form your Windows PC

1. Download Forticlient from the following address:

2. Accept terms of service:

3. When asked, choose the "VPN Only" installation.

4. The program will start automatically, after the installation is complete. see the green shield icon in the symbol bar:

5. Open the Forticlient Console by double clicking the green shield.

6. Click Configure VPN.

7.Enter the configuration as shown in the following image:

8. Right click the green shield icon and press "Connect to RCL".

9. If the connection fails at 98%, the following operation might be helpful:

Open the control panel > Device manager> Network adapters. Delete the Wan miniport IP and restart your computer.

10. Try running the command:


If the the ping fails:

10.1. Open the command prompt as an administrator by right-clicking on the command line and clicking "Run as administrator".

In the command prompt, run the command:

route PRINT | more

10.2. Look for the results of the fortissl and remember the number that appears on the left. It is the number of the Forticlient interface.

Here is an example:

(In the above case the interface number is 59)

10.3. Type the command:

route ADD MASK IF 59

(Where the last digits may vary depending on the interface number.)

11. Download Putty (which enables SSH connection) in order to connect to the server. You can download it from this Address:

12. Open Putty and enter the address as Host Name (where the address appears on in the picture below):

Click Open. The SSH connection will request a user name and password during login.

13. Now you can type "sinfo" to see the grids status.