Connect from your Android device

Note: This is only for ROOT users!

1. Download the following applications:

2. Run the Terminal Emulator and run the following command:

ls /sys/class/net

3. We get a list of devices for network communication on the device:

4. Leave the terminal running in the background and start the FortiClient. When you first run, you are prompted to set up a VPN, Select:

5. Click on Create, then:

6. When you've finished entering the settings, connect by clicking Connect

Return to the terminal and run the same command again.

We'll detect that the device is added (usually called ppp0 or tun0):

8. Run the su command to get root privileges. (Android may ask permission to do so).

9. Run the following command:

ip route add dev tun0 table tun0

10. Verify that the command was executed correctly by running the command:

ip route get

if we got the words dev tun0 in the output, our situation is good:

11. Open JuiceSSH and set up a new connection to address (as show in the picture below, instead of

In Identity we will create a new one with our user information.

12. Connect to the connection we just created

13. Run sinfo and get the results from the computer's status - hence you can run: