Connect from your macOS

1. Download Forticlient. In the installation process, choose VPN Only.

2. Right click -> Open -> confirm -> the software will start downloading the latest updated software. pay attention! These instructions must be followed in order for the software to open. Double clicking does not allow opening permissions for the package (download from unknown source, according to Apple policy).

3. When the download completes, click "Install FortiClient".

4. A window will open (in the form of a download disk) where the download should be confirmed according to the following steps: 4.1. continue 4.2. continue 4.3. agree - in a separate window 4.4. install 4.5. Enter a computer password - in a separate window 4.6. Regulatory Installation Notice -> close

5. Go to the Launchpad and find the app under the name FortiClient

6. Click on the small gear in the newly opened window.

7. Now click Add a new connection.

8. Enter the following details (with the desired username) and click Add

9. Enter the user password and click Connect

10. After you click, a security pane opens where you click Continue

11. An additional security pane will open where you should click Continue one more.

12. Wait a few seconds until the connection is completed, followed by the following window:

Now open the Terminal application as root (sudo su command) and do as described in the following image:

13.1. Use the command "route add –host –interface ppp0"

to add the address to the ppp0 interface (created when opening the VPN)

13.2. Then run the command: "netstat -nr | grep ppp0". If you see the address next to the ppp0 interface, it means that the connection was successful.

13.3. type "username@" to open a remote session. accept the connection by typing "yes" and clicking enter.

13.4. finally enter your password to enter the session.

13.5. After the session is opened, you can use the "sinfo" command to see the the grid status.