The Green Grid's upgrades

Hello everybody,

As we know, the Green Grid suffered for a long time from a number of significant structural problems, which prevented both its ongoing operation and the users' access to it. We're happy to update you now that these issues have been fixed, and here's the upgrade we've made:

  • Due to the non-conformity of the electricity infrastructure to the grid needs and due to the instability of the electricity supply in Rotem Industries Park, the electricity supply was replaced from 20 k Watt to 63 k Watt.

  • An electrical cabinet was installed for the laboratory with connection to UPS and preparation for a generator. The UPS connected size is 40 KVA and can hold for 30 minutes as a backup.

  • All the electrical infrastructure has been replaced with an optimal fit for the new electrical system.

  • Due to the instability of the VPN connection via the "Barak" unit and the dependency of the repair on their part, without being able to operate independently, a FORTIGATE VPN system including Firewall was installed.

  • In order to synchronize the external user's connection with the Grid and the internal user interface in Grid, an LDAP system was installed that enables the sharing of information about users, systems, networks and services on the network - in a simple, flexible and user-friendly manner. So that now the password on both connections is the same, and the user can even change the password at both entries after initial login.

Second upgrade - 2018

Later this year, another comprehensive upgrade will be made before the grid becomes a parallel cluster.

Among the changed to be made are:

  • Switch from an Ethernet communications package to a high-speed Infiniband communication package.

  • Hybrid cluster: Significant addition of XeonPhi + GPGPU accelerators.

  • Advanced cooling - mini-center Inverter, suitable for room temperatures (from off to Turbo).

  • Improved power backup using a generator.